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#Human Rights for Future, Studium Generale in het kader van “Geef Mensenrechten de Ruimte”

Imagine having only 8 hours of electricity a day, not being able to drink water from the tap and saying goodbye to your children every night unsure if it is the last time.

Meet Mohammed, one of our guest speakers and a human-rights activist from Gaza. Together with Fawaz from Syria and a guest from Afghanistan who is yet unknown, he will engage the public in a detailed discussion on Human Rights issues.

Human Rights Issues
Issues include education, freedom of movement, self-dermination, and the use of their mother tongue in their countries. How challenging is it to try to improve these rights and how can we in the Netherlands, both as individuals and as a country, help to improve these complicated situations?

This talk will be moderated by Jan Reinder Rosing.

Mohammed is a human-rights activist from Gaza. He is working for a Israelian NGO dedicated to defending the human rights of Palestinians living in Gaza. At present he is a guest of Shelter-City in Deventer.

Fawaz Ahmad is from Syria. He studied Political Science and worked on several projects focussing on the situation of refugees from Syria. At present he is studying NT2 at Saxion and Conflict Resolutions/Peacebuilding at Leiden University.

The name of our third guest is yet unknown, but they’re from Afghanistan and will address the Rights of Women. For this speaker we are collaborating with the Keihan.organisation